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We are accepting bookings for our available spaces. Please fill out the form below so we can consider your request with our future availability.

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We request a 6 week lead time for bookings. If you would like us to consider something sooner than that, please contact us.

 Please be aware that any bar/nightclub-specific venue requires all attendees to be 21+ years old. Special exceptions may be made for staff members working an event. Ask the event coordinator for more information.

Please include more detailed information. Include your plans and what your ingredient list may be.
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 If you will be providing your own graphics for social posts or printed fliers, please be sure to meet these requirements when hosting at one of our spaces:

  • Do not include the SW monogram logo by itself. Please use the venue logo only. Ask the event coordinator if you need any logos.
  • Proper use of our venue logo includes: no alterations or distortions and making sure it's visible with reasonable contrast.
  • When spelling out the venue name, please include "at Studio West 117." Example: "Symposium at Studio West 117."
Character limit 400.
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