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Community Garden at Studio West 117 — Grow With Us

Established in 2021, the Community Garden at Studio West 117 was founded in partnership with FoodStrong — a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering communities through fresh, local foods, while also partnering with vital community resources and social services. This outdoor space provides a holistic approach to strengthening the bond within the LGBTQ+ community, while fostering individual growth, access to sustainably-sourced fresh food, and improved physical and spiritual health. These benefits make the Community Garden a valuable space for all to enjoy.

By strengthening the bonds between our community members and our collective relationship with sustainable food, the Community Garden offers a wealth of educational, practical and social resources to both youth and adults alike. Through the cultivation and care for living things, the garden helps to unlock compassion and empathy. Skill-based learning programs encourage problem solving, entrepreneurship, planning, science, and math in a low-pressure, welcoming environment.

The Community Garden provides increased access to food, improved nutrition habits, and improved mental health. Our garden also enables the residents of B. Riley Sober House to have a therapeutic outlet as well as a meditation garden to help achieve inner peace. Together, community members can experience the collective well-being that comes from sustainable food and cultivating a bond with our environment.

In addition to these benefits, the Community Garden helps create a true farm-to-table experience at the restaurants of Studio West 117. It’s no secret that authentic, fresh, locally-sourced ingredients can make the difference between an ordinary dish and an unforgettable dining experience. Local, sustainably-sourced herbs, fruits, and vegetables offer superior flavor and taste that all guests will instantly appreciate when dining at Studio West 117 or visiting the demonstration kitchen. For our community, neighbors, and visitors alike — the Community Garden provides flavor that enriches lives.

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